Cooperative approach,
generous attitude,
alignment of purpose,
and pride in creation.

  • The project came in well under budget and ahead of schedule. The quality of work was excellent. It just doesn't get much better.

    Norm Anderson, Platte Valley Irrigation Co.
  • Aslan Construction is technically a very competent and capable firm. The superintendents and crew foremen were very cordial, cooperative, respectful, and willing to help plant staff at a moment's notice.

    Thomas Dingeman, City of Greeley
  • I appreciate Aslan's attention to detail and ability to foresee conflicts in the design and get them resolved before they become an issue.

    Joh Batka, Colorado Division of Water Resources
  • I was sincerely impressed with Aslan Construction's partnering attitude and desire to develop a quality, long-term relationship while minimizing additional costs to the City of Thornton.

    Jim Jensen, City of Thornton
  • Operating on a very tight timeline, the project was completed 3 months ahead of schedule. Aslan's workmanship and ease to work with was excellent throughout the duration of the project.

    Jimmie Brogger, Parker Water and Sanitation District
  • I would look forward to working with Aslan Construction in the future and would recommend them for future jobs at the Metro District

    Mike Carver, Metro Wastewater Reclamation District
  • Aslan Construction demonstrated pride in their work and did not try to pass off substandard construction. They were known to redo work on their own initiative without waiting for comments from our inspector.

    Jessica Barbier, Denver Water
  • We appreciate Aslan Construction's solution-oriented, collaborative approach to the project.

    Alisha Reis, Town of Nederland
  • Based on Aslan Construction's performance, this was the first time in my 15-year tenure with the District that I felt compelled to write a letter of thank you and recommendation for a contractor. Thank you Aslan!

    Larry Moore, Roxborough Park Metropolitan District
  • All parties involved found Aslan Construction to be professional, dedicated, detail oriented, and very positive in problem solving.

    Mark Maloney, Integra Engineering
  • I would enjoy working with Aslan Construction on future projects and have gone out of my way to request that they bid my design projects because I know that it will be will constructed if they are the contractor.

    John Wetstein, Wester-Wetstein & Associates
  • Aslan Construction completed the project within the original contract period without any time extension and without any contractor-initiated change orders.

    Joe Kelley, City of La Junta
  • Aslan Construction was cooperative, handled the project competently, and addressed any and all of our concerns quickly, thoroughly, and in a most professional manner.

    David Reinertsen