At Aslan Construction, our employees are family, and the heart of our business. We believe in open, honest communication and providing a platform for everyone to reach their potential.


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At Aslan Construction, we pride ourselves on delivering the very best, not only on the job site, but to our employees as well. That’s why we provide much more than competitive salaries and benefit packages. We believe that when people are given a chance to reach their potential in an open, honest environment we all work better…together. Our commitment to ongoing leadership training, on-site education, and employee retention between jobs, doesn’t just give us the best team in the business, it ensures we deliver the best to our clients.

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General and Skilled Laborers perform various tasks on job sites, including operating hand and power tools of all types; cleaning and preparing sites; digging trenches; setting braces to support the sides of excavations; erecting scaffolding; cleaning up rubble, debris and other waste materials; and assisting other craft workers. At Aslan Construction our team members are encouraged to be multi-disciplined and work to develop a wide variety of skills. Whether you have worked in construction for years or are just getting started in your career, we will meet you where you’re at and help you continue to develop your craft!

Pay starting at $18/hour for general labor, skilled labor starts at $21/hour, commensurate with experience.

General Labor Application

Skilled Labor Application (i.e. Form Carpenters, Pipelayers, Concrete Workers)

Heavy Equipment Operator/Laborers are responsible for operating various types of construction equipment, such as excavators, dozers, compactors, and front-end loaders to excavate, move, and grade earth, erect structures, or pour concrete. As a niche company, Aslan Construction expects employees to be well-rounded in their ability to contribute to the success of projects and requires equipment operators and other personnel to engage in supplemental duties as necessary to ensure the successful completion of projects, including general and skilled labor tasks in addition to equipment operation.

Pay starting at $21/hour, commensurate with experience.

Heavy Equipment Operator Application

Superintendents are responsible for the management of construction sites and labor personnel, scheduling day-to-day responsibilities of their team, and maintaining a 3-week projection on their projects. Superintendents will be charged with procuring necessary job materials in coordination with the project manager for contracted items and will directly procure any other materials needed on-site to complete the work. Superintendents are responsible for job site safety, including weekly toolbox (safety topic) meetings and ensuring all employees follow company safety procedures. Additionally, the superintendent will be expected to manage time cards, create daily reports, code delivery tickets, submit credit card receipts, and participate in weekly construction meetings. As a niche company, Aslan Construction may require superintendents and other personnel to engage in supplemental duties as necessary to ensure the successful completion of projects.

Superintendent Application

Project Managers are responsible for the planning and coordination of construction projects. They provide expertise in their ability to negotiate project specifications, increasing efficiency, and therefore value for the client. They participate in scheduling, overseeing construction, and cost management of projects, as well as coordinating subcontractors to deliver throughout the construction process. As a niche company, Aslan Construction may require Project Managers to engage in supplemental duties as necessary to ensure the successful completion of projects.

Project Manager Application

Entry-Level Engineers are primarily responsible for coordinating materials procurement to meet the needs of project construction. The entry-level Engineer will work on job sites, assisting project superintendents with setting construction schedules and communicating with the owner’s engineering representatives to resolve issues that arise during the construction process. In addition, the entry-level engineer will direct final startup and project handoff to the owner after completion of work, and will resolve any issues or conflicts that arise during this process. The entry-level engineer will work closely with the senior project manager, and perform any additional tasks as directed.

Entry-Level Engineer Application

Company Benefits

  • Competitive Salaries
  • Health & Dental Insurance
  • Health Reimbursement Account
  • Paid Vacation
  • 401k with employer match
  • Ongoing Leadership Training
  • On-Site Education

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